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Location & Contact

1168-1174 Geelong Road, Mount Clear
VIC, Australia • 3350

0353045333 | support@ryans.net.au

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Grocery: We have an emphasis on healthy and speciality foods including gluten free, organic, vegan and vegetarian foods. | Produce: In our Produce department you can count on a great variety of colourful, fresh fruit and vegetables that reflect the best of what the season has to offer. | Meat: Our butchers prepare our Meat fresh every day in Ryan’s IGA Ballarat using locally sourced products. We love preparing our Meats by hand ready for your dinner table. | Wellness: We stock over 3,000 gluten free, organic, wellness, vegan and vegetarian products from local suppliers and around the world. We can cater for all your dietary needs. | Liquor: We stock an extensive range of local and national wine, beer and spirits. We have friendly experts in our liquor departments that can pass on their knowledge about food and wine pairings, flavours as well as advice on ordering for your next party.

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